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Marketplace Q&A

Are you a domain registrar?

No. We are a marketplace for expired domains. We use third party registrars to manage our domains. In order to buy or participate in an auction, you have to open an account with Dynadot and Namesilo.

I see domain listed for sale, but actually has been sold. Why?

We are using third party registrars Dynadot and Namesilo to manage our domains. Currently we have no option to update the status of our domains (available or sold) automatically. Domain statuses are updated manually within 24-48 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience! If you intend to purchase a domain from us, our best advice is to follow its status directly from the third party registrar.

How often you update the metrics?

Traffic, leads, demographics and interests data is updated every 24h. Currently Dynadot auctions are updated every 6h. Status of the Namesilo auctions must be checked on Namesilo marketplace website (we list only the starting bid). The rest of the metrics are updated once per month. Server time is: Asia/Singapore, GMT+0800.

On the front page some domains are covered with "Adult" label. Why?

Some potential buyers may be sensitive seeing adult names. If you have interest checking our adult list, please register to unlock these names.

I can't see the full stats for SOLD domains. Why?

The full stats for all SOLD domains is not available to browse. The only available data are Hits and Price. These domains are listed only for informative and advertisement purpose.

Do you sell the data (leads, traffic, demogrpahics, etc.) along with the domain?

No, we do not sell this data with or without the domain. After purchase of the domain you may choose to start collecting your own.

Domains Q&A

Can I negotiate the price of a domain?

No. Our prices are final. Although, it is possible from time to time the price of a given domain to go up or down, depending on its current value.

How you determine the price of a domain?

We are using multiple factors to determine the price of any domain listed on our marketplace. Determining the price is not an exact science, so we are doing our best to estimate the minimum value of the domain.

Does your domain traffic include bot hits?

We are doing our best to filter out majority of the bot traffic using in-house build filters. Although, some bot traffic may still present in the final reports.

I see some domains get a lot of hits, but generate no leads. Why?

Seeing no leads, but a lot of hits doesn't mean that the domain is bad. Generating leads highly depends on the landing page where you will send your traffic. Some landing pages can generate leads with excellent ratio "leads:traffic" (for example - 1:3 or 1:2) and some can't. We are in a constant process of improving our landing pages to give you better data for decision making.

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